Unwrapping Culture: A Christmas Book Guide to Trinidad’s Rich Heritage

Hello fellow culture junkies!

As the festive season approaches, why not add a touch of Trinidadian flair to your reading list? Dive into the vibrant narratives of these four books that intricately weave the cultural fabric of Trinidad and Tobago.

1. Traditional Enactments of Trinidad by Rawle Gibbons

Rawle Gibbons takes us on an enlightening journey in ‘Traditional Enactments of Trinidad: Towards a Third Theatre.’ This well-researched piece provides invaluable insights into the evolution of a national theatre through the eyes of Carnival and the religious practices and festivals of Spiritual Baptist, Orisha, Hinduism and Islam in Trinidad and its impact on Caribbean cultural expression. Whether you’re a theatre enthusiast or culture enthusiast, this book is an excellent resource.

2. Ramleela in Trinidad by Satnarine Balkaransingh

Known as a folk theatre tradition, Satnarine Balkaransingh details 100 years of the history and significance of Ramleela in Trinidad. Thought-provoking and a significant text, Ramleela in Trinidad is an indispensable resource for students and cultural enthusiasts.

3. The Mandinga Spell by Errol Michael Phillips

Written by Errol Michael Phillips, this novel navigates the tensions and anxieties between Indo-Trinidadians and Afro-Trinidadians against the backdrop of the multi-racial, multi-cultural former British colony. It is a must-read for those intrigued by the dynamics of Trinidad’s diverse society.

4. The Stamp Cancelling Machine Slogan Postmarks of Trinidad and Tobago by Jazad Ali

For collectors and history aficionados, this book is a treasure trove. Written by Jazad Ali, this text details the evolution of Trinidad and Tobago’s postal system from the 1840s to the present. It offers a unique perspective on the experimental machines, trials, and modern cancellations. In addition, it explores the experimental and trial stamp cancelling machines used in the UK and the USA leading up to the modern high-speed machines.  For stamp collectors, background information and technical details on each slogan cancel are included. 

This Christmas, unwrap the gift of cultural exploration with these captivating reads. Regardless of your area of cultural interest in Trinidadian society, these books promise an enriching journey of unique heritage.

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