From Ibadan to Hell Yard

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"From Ibadan To Hell Yard" embodies the indomitable spirit of resilience, exalting the essence of "Trinis" and their enduring struggle for liberty.

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Step into the tumultuous era from the early 1800s to 1962, where Trinidad & Tobago becomes the stage for the stirring tales of John, Sally, Jackson, and Jacob, and the genesis of the renowned Hell Yard. Among them, Jacob grapples with racial injustices, igniting a transformative odyssey that unravels his true identity within Hell Yard’s heart. Inspired by the valor of his ancestors, Jacob fearlessly confronts the formidable families of former slave masters, steadfast in his pursuit of true freedom for the newly emancipated. Jacob’s love for the steelpan inspires him to unite his community in this riveting, historical tale of a generational struggle.

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  • Language: English
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