Kaiso Koncepts

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A study of the rhythmic vocabulary of calypso music for small ensemble including drums and percussion, bass, guitar, keyboard and steel-pan.

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Written for musicians, arrangers, composers and performers who are interested in increasing their knowledge about the building blocks of calypso and soca music Kaiso Koncepts is the an excellent resource material. Learn to improvise in a calypso style, create effective bass lines, the accompaniment basics for all instruments including keyboard, guitar and steelpan, the basic techniques for re-harmonization, substitution and much more.

  • Method Book
  • Written by: Michael Low Chew Tung
  • For beginner and advanced musicians
  • Learn improvisation in a calypso style, accompaniment basics for all instruments and much more
  • Hardcover: No
  • Publisher: NA
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: NA
  • Dimensions: NA
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