The Disney Film Heritage of Tobago Swiss Family Robinson 2nd Edition

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The book covers Disney's stay in Tobago, the locals who worked with the company and the filming locations used. Both authors - Jazad N. Ali and Clement G. Williams - are members of the Tobago Writers Guild. Contains: 121 pages (photo paper) Publisher: Jazad N. Ali and Clement George Williams Photography Printed by Office Authority,

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The Disney Film Heritage of Tobago – Swiss Family Robinson documents Disney’s stay on the island of Tobago in the West Indies from March 1959 to January 1960, during the filming of the movie Swiss Family Robinson. The movie had an all-star cast comprising of John Mills, Dorothy McGuire, James MacArthur, Janet Munro, Sessue Hayakawa, Tommy Kirk, Kevin Corcoran and Cecil Parker.

The book contains details of all seventeen film locations used during the making of the movie. It highlights the untold stories of people who worked for Walt Disney Productions back then. These include Tobagonians who acted as stand-ins and doubles for Dorothy McGuire, James MacArthur, Janet Munro and Tommy Kirk, as well as some uncredited cast and crew members who worked with Walt Disney Productions.

Inside are one hundred behind the scenes black and white photographs taken during the filming of Swiss Family Robinson in 1959. There are thirty-four stunning color photographs of the filming locations as they are today. Present day photographs of some of the cast and crew are also included.

This book is a definitive historical film research document on Disney’s Swiss Family Robinson as told through the eyes of those who were present during the making of the movie in Tobago. It’s a must read for every vintage Disney movie fan.

  • Hardcover: Yes
  • Publisher: Jazad N. Ali and Clement George Williams Photography
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 978 – 976 – 8308 – 19 – 1
  • Dimensions: 29.5 x 21 x 1.5 cm
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Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 49 customer ratings50 Ratings
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  1. Marcia Miranda

    The above reviews are indeed beautiful. May I add on behalf of the Mirandas of Tobago, our heartiest congratulations to Jazz N. Ali and Clement George Williams on the latest achievement of this book’s second edition being selected for the National Archives of Trinidad and Tobago. An esteemed feat!!!
    This is an extraordinary literary gift of memories, pride, and nostalgia for the persons who were part of this production and the people of Tobago in particular.
    Some members of the film crew stayed at my family’s guest house, the Della Mira, in Scarborough, and for years I recall mom and dad speaking of the fun and buzz of excitement surrounding this historical event. We even had two styrofoam rocks used in a scene of the film, as memorabilia, which looked incredibly real.
    The book highlights the stories during the filming of this epic Disney movie Swiss Family Robinson, and it certainly put our island of Tobago on the map. Now the current young generation and the ones to follow will get to know and enjoy so much about this beautiful island in the Caribbean, where many locals hosted or played some part in the Swiss Family Robinson movie.
    The book is an enchanting, interesting, enjoyable, and factual read.
    Thank you for incorporating the part my family played in the book.
    Continued success and blessings for the future.

    Marcia Miranda

  2. Patricia Bissessar

    Review Of The Disney Film Heritage of Tobago Swiss Family Robinson 2nd Edition

    By Patricia Bissessar
    ( Administrator of the Angelo Bissessarsingh Virtual Museum of Trinidad and Tobago)

    An insightful read, in that the author Jazad N. Ali ( Jazz ) and his co –author Clement G. Williams shares with the reader actual behind the scenes stories which took place during filming of the Disney Movie the Swiss Family Robinson . The book is well illustrated with highlights of screen shot scenes from the actual movie as well as the seventeen filming locations used in Tobago. In this book the reader is introduced not only to the real life actors but the local Tobagonians who worked as doubles or were involved in activities behind the scenes. To those familiar with the movie the Author Jazad N.Ali further reveals some of the secrets of how the inventive homemade gadgets used in the various scenes (most notably, the fabulous tree house) were created .

    The book Disney Film Heritage of Tobago Swiss Family Robinson can also serve as great reference material one can easily pull off a shelf at any time or have sitting on your coffee table if you are looking for that excellent blend of informative material, behind the scene stories about the movie , coupled with high-quality images pertaining to the filming of the Disney Swiss Family Robinson filmed in 1959 in Tobago . To the adventurous visitor you may want to add these filming locations identified in the book to your bucket list when next you visit Tobago.

  3. Zita Devis

    Thank you for a remarkable story book. It is a memory of a lifetime for all the people who are still with us. Jim would have enjoyed going down memory lane. He would have been touched to receive the greetings from Jazad N. Ali.

    Jazad N. Ali and Clement G. Williams have done a beautiful job in bringing back the story so vividly in breathtaking sceneries which have not been changed through time or corrupted by commercialism.

    Jim’s friend and fellow Pinewoods Studios crew member on the Disney set, Dickie Bamber must be so proud too. Dickie’s many photographs taken as Dressing Props Chargehand and Acting Property Manager on the Swiss Family Robinson movie set, was certainly a great contribution to this Disney Film Heritage of Tobago book.

    To enjoy a film location over such a long time in stunning Tobago, must have been not short of a gift from heaven. This was undoubtably the best time, the golden time in the Film industry. To go to an authentic country, use the local folks with the knowledge of the land, rocks and sea. It is no wonder why Jim always reminiscent with great affection about the making of this iconic Disney movie “Swiss Family Robinson.

    Jim always told me, “I must take you one day, Tobago is out of this world”

    I certainly got a taste of it through this window, looking through the pages of this wonderful book – right into the far, far, beautiful sceneries of Tobago Island, I wish I was there, with Jim!

    With my sincere compliment to all the wonderful people who completed this authentic project.

    In admiration and best wishes.
    Zita Devis, U.K.
    (Wife of James Devis – Focus Puller, Second Filming Unit, Swiss Family Robinson).

    Jim Devis passed away soon after the publication of the Second Edition of the book. During his long and successful career he had gained many friends from both sides of the camera.

  4. Nazra Khan

    Just a note to let you know I read the book and thought it was quite informative.
    The pictures were very beautiful for the movie. Although places have changed they are still very beautiful. I enjoyed it very much. I especially enjoyed seeing the animals. Good luck in your future writing.

  5. Ashaki Pritchard

    Book review

    Thank you Mr Jazad Ali and Mr Clement for taking us back in time with this beautiful nostalgic rendition of then and now pictures. For Taking us behind the cameras and giving us a glimpse of some of the tricks and settings used to obtain the ideal footage which translated into this iconic movie. Most of all for reminding us that such a historical event took place and had a tremendous impact on the lives of many families and persons living on our beautiful island. A beautiful read.

  6. Jeremiah

    I grew up on Disney Classics. The Parent Trap, That Darn Cat, The Ugly Dachshund, Mary Poppins.. the list goes on. But few stand the test of time and are as stellar as Swiss Family Robinson. By a stroke of luck, I stumbled upon the social media account associated with this book and immediately became engaged. After numerous exchanges discussing this timeless classic, one of the authors, Jazad Ali, shared that he and his business partner were in the process of publishing a book on the detailing the filming history of Swiss Family Robinson in Tobago.

    The Disney Film Heritage of Tobago Swiss Family Robinson is a fascinating look back in time as the inner workings of the residents and workers of Tobago that, without their immense contributions and assistance, this movie would have never happened.

    I recommend this book to anyone that has an interest in classic movies, Disney, Tobago, or simply enjoys an utterly fascinating look at history. 5 Stars!

    Jeremiah D.

  7. Surajee Leila Harris

    The Disney Film Heritage of Tobago Swiss Family Robinson
    authors Jazad Ali and Clement G. Williams provide an insight
    into behind the scenes of the Film Industry.

    Jazad recorded details with enthusiasm.

    This is a Handbook for those interested in careers such as the
    Film Industry, Fine Art, Photography.

    The Disney Film Heritage of Tobago Swiss Family Robinson is a
    book that readers peruse to be transported to the world of
    fantasy as a stress relief.

    The Disney Film Heritage of Tobago Swiss Family Robinson
    gives visitors to Tobago an opportunity as well as those with the
    honour of a Tobago heritage to reminisce.

    Surajee Leila Harris

  8. Fareeda Hosein

    Once upon a time (1959) there was an epic movie called “The Swiss Family Robinson “ filmed by Disney in the beautiful, enchanting tropical island of Tobago. A ship wrecked movie filled with pirates, exotic animals, adventure and an elaborate treehouse.

    Once upon a time there was a brilliant young boy whose world was filled with books, fantasy and magic, my dear cousin Jazad Ali.

    Jaz no doubt got his story telling skills from his mum, my jolly Aunt Dolly, who opened my young, inquisitive mind and imagination to exciting, riveting bedtime stories. Some of which did not put me to sleep!

    Now upon our time there is a book called “The Disney film Heritage of Tobago – Swiss Family Robinson” by Jazad Ali and Clement Williams. This book along with numerous then and now photos, pays homage to the Island of Tobago, and the supporting crew and workers who laboured tirelessly on the Disney set.

    Who better to write such than Jazad Ali, the biggest Disney and Tobago fan I know. There is a magical, blurry line between reality and fantasy. Both Disney and Tobago takes us there and we don’t want to leave. A copy of this book and a visit to Tobago, relives this story and will no doubt do the same.

    Fareeda Hosein

    Tobago and Disney Fan

  9. Veda Loutoo

    My family and I love Tobago. We have been making frequent visits to the island for decades. We all read the second edition of The Disney Film Heritage of Tobago by Jazad N. Ali and Clement G. Williams and we have come to the same conclusion. The second edition is a masterpiece outlining every detail in the making of the film Swiss Family Robinson. This second edition has more technical details of filming, photos of American doubles who were uncredited and firsthand information from the Acting Property Manager on set back in 1959.We have all wondered why of all the islands in the world did Disney choose Tobago for this film. The first word that comes to mind is
    “magic.” This magical little island has been underrated for years. Reading this book would make all readers think again about this “gem” that is Tobago. This well researched book is a tourist’s(both local and international)handbook of the island. The minute details of the filming of this movie, the outstanding and exquisite photography of Tobago both then and now awakens in us a new appreciation of our sister isle. Congratulations to Jazad N. Ali and Clement G. Williams for a great achievement. This book has done more to promote Tobago than anything else we have seen or read in recent times .Pack your bags dear people and head to Tobago for your next vacation and don’t forget to take along your copy of The Disney Film Heritage of Tobago.

    The Loutoo Family

  10. Bisram Mahabir

    It gives me great pleasure to review the Second Edition of the Disney Film Heritage of Tobago – Swiss Family Robinson.

    Commendation is due to the two authors. Jazad N. Ali and Clement G. Williams for a job well done. They both carried out further research on the findings of which are included in the Second Edition.

    They both showed their excellent skills in photography and produced more amazing photographs to add to the beautiful ones they had in the First Edition.
    Many photographs depict several scenic areas in the island paradise of Tobago.

    I would like to recommend that copies of the Second Edition be placed in all libraries in Trinidad and Tobago so that students and the general public will have access to the book.

    I would also like to suggest that copies of the book be placed in embassies abroad so that the tourists intending to visit Tobago can purchase a copy of it and acquaint themselves with all the beautiful spots in Tobago.

    The First Edition was a great production but the Second Edition of the Swiss Family Robinson is a masterpiece.

    Dr. Bisram Mahabir

  11. Susan Ramsaroop



    This book is a celebration of Tobago’s natural beauty and potential for movie productions.
    Tobago was abuzz with excitement and wonder when the Disney Production Team landed in 1959. Its mission, to film the movie, Swiss Family Robinson. Not only did the team bring an all-star cast and some fascinating animals, but also economic opportunities.
    Readers get a glimpse of how the lives of the visitors and locals intercepted. Tobagonians were hired as doubles, stand-ins, pirates, animal handlers, medical support, taxi-drivers, divers, labourers and boatmen. Business boomed for the four major hotels.
    Ample descriptions are given about all the scene locations and props. Technical details of how the ships were made and used are explained. The rocks that were blown up at the fort were actually made of Styrofoam. So too were the logs that were released on the attacking pirates. Some of the props used in the tree house scenes were antiques on loan from English museums. Artefacts such as autographs, a QSL card, flyers and photographs were located by the authors.
    Of course there was socializing. The foreigners were regaled with picnics, tours and musical entertainment. Many friendships and bonds were formed, including romance. The animals captured the interest of locals and the zoo was open to them on weekends. But it was Rocky, the elephant, who emerged as the star among the animals with his nifty tricks.
    This book has exquisite photography of the present day film locations. The majestic Samaan tree upon which the tree house was built still stands looking over its changing terrain. How many Trinbagonians and visitors know of the rich history of these sites? People have passed and memories will fade. Hopefully this aspect of Tobago’s history will not be lost to obscurity.
    The authors have done a phenomenal job of unearthing the impact of this movie on Tobago. The many years spent doing the research is commendable. This book is highly recommended reading and an important part of the history of this twin island state.
    Susan Ramsaroop

  12. Lisa Barnard-Kerr

    I was extremely excited to get this book in time for Christmas so I could sit back relax and read. Going in I expected a behind-the-scenes account of filming the Swiss Family Robinson movie with a lot of photos for reference. What I got was indeed a behind-the-scenes account and lots of photos but there was also so much more.
    The anecdotes, interviews and glimpses into Tobago’s past were very impactful. It is very rare to find international-themed media focusing on our country; referencing places with which we are familiar.
    I loved the professional yet personal tone which the authors employed to bring the experience of filming this remarkable movie to life for the reader. The present day photos add a unique dimension that inspires the reader to want to go and explore those areas themselves to glimpse the echoes of 1959.
    Anyone who loves Swiss Family Robinson (and Disney history), anyone from Trinidad and Tobago (especially Tobago) and History enthusiasts can find something special in ‘The Disney Film Heritage of Tobago: Swiss Family Robinson (second edition)’.

    Lisa Barnard-Kerr

  13. Robin Rindsig

    A wonderful trip back in time to 1959 when Disney filmed “Swiss Family Robinson”. I give it 5 stars! in Tobago. Expanding on the first edition, the second edition has many more period photographs and fascinating details of the film production.
    This really is a must read for every fan of the film, and for anyone with an interest in Tobago heritage.
    Thank you Jazad and Clement for helping to preserve this slice of history!

    Robin Rindsig
    Ankeny, Iowa USA

  14. Kumar Ramlal

    This is a thoroughly researched and documented book about the filming of the classic movie “Swiss Family Robinson”, filmed in Tobago in 1959 by Walt Disney Productions.
    Jazad N Ali and Clement Williams did a great amount of researching and locating some of the existing crew and cast members who gave detailed account of the filming of the movie that started the treehouse craze. The photography of the filming locations as they are today is breathtaking and highlights the beautiful beaches of Tobago.
    I recommend this book for everyone to read.

  15. Kevin Kidney & Jody Daily, Art Directors/Disney Designers

    How wonderful that there is now a second edition of this special book—and it’s even better than the first. Authors Jazz Ali and Clement Williams have heroically documented the untold stories of the making of Walt Disney’s “Swiss Family Robinson” through exhaustive research and interviews with Tobagonians who had actually been involved with the film’s production. Hundreds of Tobago locals had worked for Walt Disney Productions as laborers, set builders, taxi drivers for cast and crew, on-set nurses, animal handlers, ocean divers, and much more—including as stand-ins for the film’s stars and as uncredited cast members acting as pirates and sailors on screen. Their memories take us back to a Tobago over half a century ago, a Tobago that was the true star of a film that has enchanted millions of viewers around the world. Published in a handsome 113-page hardcover volume, “The Disney Film Heritage of Tobago” is a joy and a revelation for all of us “Swiss Family” fans. Highly recommended!

  16. Chad Maraj

    The author has surpassed himself in this second edition. Despite the brilliance of the first, this second print has managed to include even more rare pictures and information from the movie filming . A must read for anyone interested in the movie and its ties to Tobago.

  17. Simon James

    “Little did I know on my first, and I hope not only, visit to the glorious island of Tobago in 2011 would my interest in the locations of The Swiss Family Robinson be matched, or rather far surpassed by anyone immediately local. Thanks to the posting of my limited finds on, soon I was fortunate enough to make the acquaintance of Jazad Ali who has broadened my SFR horizons to an extent I thought not possible. Along with Clement Williams, Jazz has thoroughly researched all aspects on a film made over sixty years ago, managing to speak with crew members involved and taking some exquisite photographs to surely benefit the Tobagonian tourist board. On-set black and white stills from 1959 complement colour modern day locations. This is a work of dedicated research and highly recommended.”

  18. Prof. Fayad W. Ali

    Journeying down the corridors of time I remember enjoying the original movie-‘The Swiss family Robinson’ half a century ago. The book, well documented, beautifully illustrated and well sequenced, serves to evoke many wonderful memories and inform the reader of many interesting facts. I compliment the authors for the great research done and their remarkable literary coverage as the pages unfold several sentimental actualities about the production of the movie. I endorse the book as a great read and I’m sure it would invite many beautiful memories to those who saw the movie, the Disney film crew involved in the production, and the few locals who are still alive and whose parents and grandparents were among those who were involved. The book is addictively heart-warming to the sentimental, inspiringly charismatic and much more than a delightful read.

  19. Umadai Sandy

    If you love History this is a must read book .IF you are into
    photography then it is a must too , In fact there is something to
    gain in this glossy, picturesque book for all.
    well researched and precisely documented . It makes you want to visit
    these historic places and experience the movie . Amazing , how this
    memory is still alive in detail with these folks.
    There is a saying : if you want to be better than someone then let it
    be the person you were yesterday. This is shown in these pages.
    Gold! Gold! Gold!

  20. Moonilal Pagee

    masterly new edition…congratulations for unearthing so many new “artefacts” that impact on the narrative.
    Ordinary folks and their contributions have been re-emphasised….one of the major strengths of the re-write.
    All the new additions and data reinvigorates the readers’ quest for knowledge of the events “ behind “ the stories.
    Congrats JA
    With best wishes for future ventures under the 14 /1 administration with its youth and vigour.

  21. Susan Ramsaroop

    The Disney Film Heritage of Tobago First Edition – A Review
    Get ready for a fascinating journey back in time to the year 1959 for behind the scene glimpses of the blockbuster movie, Swiss Family Robinson! The book vividly captures the excitement, the interest, the opportunities and the lasting influence this movie generated in Tobago.
    This book delves into many aspects of the filming; from creating the storyboard to the script writing, from choosing scene locations to making the props. Who would have thought that the second pirate ship and the merchant ship were actually paintings done on glass?! Who knew that the English crew members were dissatisfied with their wages and threatened to abandon the project?
    The authors were able to locate all the sites for the various scenes in the movie. Comparative shots of the past and present were highlighted; the wild beauty of most of the sites remain preserved for the most part. The photography of contemporary Tobago is simply quite stunning!
    This book also pays homage to the Tobagonians who were associated with the movie. Some were recruited as stand-in actors, pirates, drivers, and animal handlers. The Disney crew was treated to Tobago hospitality at its best. There are fond recollections of picnics, tours, partying, friendships formed, blossoming romance and even marriage.
    This is a delightful and valuable part of our history. The authors must be commended for the extensive research which was conducted. Disney fans, cinematography enthusiasts and all Trinbagonians should be proud of this body of work. This book certainly deserves a place in our public libraries and schools.
    Susan Ramsaroop

  22. Matt F. (verified owner)

    (The Disney Film Heritage of Tobago First Edition)

    This book was a delight to read, as I’m sure it was a delight for the authors to write. Unlike traditional “behind-the-scenes” narratives which focus primarily on the drama of celebrity actors, this book highlights the true stars of the Swiss Family Robinson film, the island of Tobago and its people. Using contemporaneous and present day photos, as well as personal anecdotes, the authors give the reader a glimpse of the real magic that Disney captured on film during those six months in 1959 and 1960. Fans of the film, and fans of Tobago, are well advised to add this book to their collections!

  23. Chad Maraj

    This book is full of beautiful photographs from both the period when the movie was filmed and the locations present day.
    The book is extremely well written . full of great historic facts about the movie and Tobago itself. This book should be part of the history program in every school in Trinidad and Tobago. (The Disney Film Heritage of Tobago First Edition)

  24. Rawle Titus


    Swiss Family Robinson.

    To many people, this book may be described as a simple documentary; a documentary of something that would have happened some time ago and does not impact our psyche today. When one examines the nature of the publication and the manner of its presentation, its relevance becomes significant in particular ways. The authors Jazad N. Ali and Clement Williams must feel justly proud for bringing the embodied material to the fore.

    In the first place, the average islander does not have an awareness of what the movie meant to Tobago; to Trinidad and Tobago and by extension the wider Caribbean. Tobago’s bays and water courses were selected as suitable for such an undertaking; thereby giving the location a huge thumbs-up. This was coupled with the creative genius of world class film makers and producers for a series that has lasted for better than half a century and will last as long as there is a Walt Disney Company. It is all about their legacy; it is all about our legacy; it is all about legacy.

    Secondly, I feel that this is by no means an ordinary publication because it features the contributions, made to the production, of several Tobagonians; many of whom are still alive today and can therefore enjoy the recognition given to them by way of this form of documentation. These individuals can therefore join with Ali and Williams and testify as to what really took place.

    The Disney Film Heritage Of Tobago is a must read book that will live on as a demonstration of what two committed individuals can do. It can provide the type of inspiration necessary for creating our own literary repository. Tobago needs more of this type of work for that heritage and legacy to be perpetuated.

    Rawle Titus.
    Calypsonian Axeback.
    Author of the book “Wake People Wake” (The Sacred and the Profane)
    Former Vice President of the Trinidad and Tobago Senate.

  25. Leah Lutchman

    As a child, Disney was a staple in my home. Needless to say, looking at Swiss Family Robinson and learning that it was filmed in Tobago brought extreme pride and joy to me. With the publication of this book, that sense of pride has been reignited. It is because of the meticulous dedication of the writers of this gem, that an entire new generation and generations to come will never forget that Walt Disney saw Tobago for all its richness and beauty.
    I cannot thank Mr. Ali and Mr. Williams enough for their commitment to ensuring that history is preserved.
    Thanks again and congratulations on your labour of love.
    (The Disney Film Heritage of Tobago First Edition)

  26. Karon Juigalli (verified owner)

    Wonderful book! I enjoyed the stories, detailed descriptions and amazing photographs, old and new.
    Congratulations to the authors Jazad N. Ali and Clement G. Williams on their accomplishment.
    (The Disney Film Heritage of Tobago First Edition)

  27. Patrick Harnarayan

    (The Disney Film Heritage of Tobago First Edition)
    This is an exceptional piece of journalism with text, interviews, photography and history seamlessly blended into one well-crafted narrative. The Swiss Family Robinson, a classic movie produced and filmed by Disney, has now been infused back into our collective memories, renewing the excitement, drama and magic created in 1960. The authors have managed to recapture the essence of this adventure and this must not escape our attention.

    This unique treasure is a nostalgic journey through time, with people, locales and animals in tow. It is a work of visual artistry captured in ninety-two pages of glistening colour, silhouetted by the softer, traditional black and white images to accurately reflect an important piece of Tobago’s history. This is underscored in the rather exceptional foreword by a well-known islander. Clearly, this piece of artwork is worth its weight in precious metal.


    Dr. Patrick Harnarayan
    Lecturer, University of the West Indies.

  28. Angela Miranda

    Swiss family Robinson (First Edition)
    When Jazz asked me for info on this Classical Walt Disney movie little did I know the outcome would be an unforgettable memory of 1959/60.
    Reflecting on all the events, parties at our Night Club being entertained by Thawley, the members of crew who stayed with us, sceneries some of which I never physically experienced. was memorable.
    Thank you Jazz Ali and Clement Williams for the wonderful memories. I am hoping that it is well read in particular by every Tobagonian.
    For those who participated in the actual movie it must have been a thrilling experience reliving it. Jazz your photos were amazing.
    On behalf of my family and myself thanks again.
    Angela Miranda, retired hotelier, beautician and barber of the
    Della Mira Guest House and Club La Tropical

  29. Kumar Ramlal

    (The Disney Film Heritage of Tobago First Edition)
    The production of this book shows the patience, determination and the dedication of Jazad Ali and Clement George.

    The Book gives the reader thoroughly researched and documented information about the filming of Walt Disney’s classic 1960 movie, “Swiss Family Robinson” in Tobago.

    It is amazing time and dedication they put in locating all of the filming sites of this movie.

    They acknowledge all of the locals who played a role in the production of this movie. Even the animals used in the movie were highlighted.

    The beauty of the isle is compared in 1960 to present. We see the same beauty that is highlighted and that was perfect for filming such a movie. I highly recommend this book for anyone to read.

    Retired School Farm Attendant.

  30. Sharmin Mosodeen

    (The Disney Film Heritage of Tobago First Edition)
    This perspective of Tobago’s history is insightful.
    ‘The Disney Film Heritage of Tobago Swiss family Robinson’ brought a forgotten part of Tobago’s history, on the world stage to the forefront. The book is an incredible piece of work.
    Written in an engaging prose it offers an intimate encounter with the movie’s filming process. The timeless, black and white photos, juxtaposed with crisp, colored images support the authors scholarly research of the “the Swiss family Robinson movie” by Disney in 1959 to 1960.
    This tourist wants to journey again to Tobago, beyond the sand and surf and relive some of those fascinating, magical moments.
    Praise must be given to the authors for immortalizing Disney’s contribution to Tobago’s rich heritage.
    Sharmin Himraj-Mosodeen
    English Language Teacher

  31. Ramberran Ramjattan (verified owner)

    (The Disney Film Heritage of Tobago First Edition)
    I admire the patience, enthusiasm and vigour Jazad employed to pursue writing this book.
    He demonstrated knowledge and expertise as an author and photographer to lay out the book.
    Way to go Jazad, one of a kind.
    This is a good selling point for Tobago as a tourist destination.
    The history brings back life to Tobago.

    Ramberran Ramjattan
    BSc. Accounting
    Herbert Lehman College
    New York

  32. Veda Rajaram Loutoo

    A magical book with the magical words we all grew up with, “Disney”, “Movie Stars”, “Swiss Family Robinson” and “Tobago”. This book is a storyteller but it tells a story that is precise and crisp. It provides information in a simplistic manner on the filming of the movie “Swiss Family Robinson” in Tobago sixty years ago.

    It is a book which must be read by all who love history, adventure and nostalgia. It appeals to all ages and gives a unique perspective into the making of the film. The dazzling and exquisite photography of the beaches where the movie was filmed are beckoning. This fully illustrated well researched book is an ideal gift for our friends and relatives all over the world. Jazad N. Ali and Clement George Williams congratulations on an excellent accomplishment.

    Veda Rajaram Loutoo
    Bachelor of Arts
    Diploma in Education
    Head of Department (Languages) (Retired)

    (The Disney Film Heritage of Tobago First Edition)

  33. Carlos Dillon

    (The Disney Film Heritage of Tobago First Edition)
    I must state upfront, that I was fascinated by the name of the book. The words “heritage of Tobago” triggered the thoughts of this book remaining with us in perpetuity. And this may not be far-fetched, given the fact that Jazad N. Ali and Clement G. Williams have now given life to the filming which took place sixty years ago.

    These two distinguished gentlemen have shown an amazing capacity for attention to detail and the ability to check the facts to arrive at the truth. They were able to pinpoint the epicenter of the film production – the treehouse in Goldsborough, and follow the pictorial trail throughout the island. The pictures of the people (of Tobago who are alive) and who contributed to the making of the movie, and the present-day photographs of the film locations have authenticated the validity of this book as a masterpiece.

    It is interesting to note that Walt Disney himself had described the movie, Swiss Family Robinson, as “one of the greatest adventure stories of all times” and we can claim with confidence that it was “proudly made in Tobago”.

    Over the years, quite a few movies were shot on the island. However, it is my considered view that this “Robinson Crusoe isle” is still a perfect location for many, many more film productions. We should work with the Film Company of Trinidad and Tobago to get this show on the road.

    In the meantime, we must also get this gem of a book into our schools, places of culture, and tourism to be used for both educational and marketing purposes.

    Congratulations to Jazz and Clement for a masterful job. Well done!

    Carlos Dillon

    Hummingbird Medal (Gold), B.Sc. Hotel and Tourism Management (Ryerson University, Canada)

    January 10th, 2021

  34. Francis (Pepe) Cowie-Rowley

    (The Disney Film Heritage of Tobago First Edition)
    A very inciteful look into the making of a groundbreaking movie filmed on a relatively unknown
    tiny Caribbean island, Tobago.

    This account very accurately highlights the invaluable contributions made by the locals who may
    not have been given enough kudos for the logistic support they provided. We are talking about
    Drivers, Nurses, Skilled labor, Unskilled labor, Clerical Staff, Extras, Animal Handlers, and
    ‘location Locators’. These unsung heroes are usually left where they worked, behind the
    scenes. This book not only documents their contributions but places them indelible in the page
    of Tobago’s colorful history.

    It is with great pride and joy that I was able to share with friends and acquaintances here in
    Connecticut, U.S.A., the roles that my parents (Mano Cowie, Driver and Helen Cowie, Nurse)

    The book also promotes the pristine landscape that the island has possessed and maintained.
    This is achieved by the excellence of the photography both old and new.

    I recommend this book to anyone – Nature Lovers, Movie Buffs, Travelers, History Enthusiast. It
    should be a standard fixture in Embassies, Foreign Offices, Schools, Travel Agencies and ‘Trin-
    Bagonian’ abroad. A good tourism marketing tool.

    The end result reflects the tremendous amount of hard work that went into this project and may
    very well be the catalyst for more stories that may emerge from the woodwork.

    So, to George Jazz and Clement: Congratulations! A job superbly done!

    Francis (Pepe) Cowie-Rowley (son of Mano and Helen Cowie)
    Tobagonian in Connecticut

  35. Nnamdi Hodge

    (The Disney Film Heritage of Tobago First Edition)
    This publication is a must-have in every household in Trinidad & Tobago and beyond. As someone who shares Mr. Ali’s passion for archiving and documenting, I can appreciate his meticulous, no-stone-left -unturned approach to producing this book. I say this since I was privileged to be included in the creative process. The book has a varied content that makes it appealing to a wide audience (history buffs, photographers, filmmakers, just to name a few.) I also foresee a great deal of interest generated in Tobago from the positive spotlight placed on it in the book. It is therefore deserving of every accolade that will no doubt come its way.

    Nnamdi Hodge

    Foreign Language Teacher / French Creole Researcher

  36. Ihsan Atiba

    (The Disney Film Heritage of Tobago First Edition)
    This is a valid and necessary contribution to heritage literature and photography. This text is simultaneously palatable to the average reader and satisfactory as an example of scholarly literature, I can definitely see its value to both the secondary and tertiary education systems. Congratulations and best wishes to both Jazz and Clement.

    Ihsan Atiba
    TIII Visual Arts
    BA, MA

  37. Dr Bisram Mahabir

    (The Disney Film Heritage of Tobago First Edition)
    I admire the extensive research done by Jazad N Ali and Clement to get the information correct.
    Reproduction of the old photographs was excellent. The new photographs taken by Jazad Ali, Allison Ali and Clement Williams show the beautiful sites and beaches of Tobago, the island paradise.
    I recommend that copies of the book be placed in all public and school libraries in Trinidad and Tobago, as well as in all of our Embassies abroad.
    Congratulations to the authors Jazad Ali and Clement Williams for a job well done.

    Dr Bisram Mahabir
    Previously Head of QPCC&C and Associate Lecturer in Medicine

  38. Charmaine Powder (verified owner)

    (The Disney Film Heritage of Tobago First Edition)

    Congratulations to Jazad N. Ali and Clement George Williams. The Disney Film Heritage of Tobago will go down in history as “the greatest story ever told” This book tells OUR story of the making of this great classic. Jazz really captured the essence of the stories and the involvement of so many people that contributed behind the scenes to the success of this movie. He made it personal…he knocked it out the ball park by acknowledging and highlighting everyone no matter what their role was. When I first came in contact with Jazz, it was a mere coincidence or so I thought. I couldn’t believe I found someone that had such vast knowledge about the making of SFR and the extensive research he was doing to uncover the sites and stories. After several conversations, I still didn’t quite grasp the motive behind him wanting my precious pictures our family preserved over the last 60 years or him needing to hear my story from so many different angles. However after listening to his passion for this project, I was drawn in, I was intrigued and wanted to know more. As I flipped through the pages of the finally completed book, I am moved to tears to see how he wove my story with the pictures I gave him into the big picture. Thanks Jazz for so artistically telling my story in a way that makes it so real for me and to give my dad (Cyril Cid Thawley) the credit he never got. I must also say that the before and after pictures that were so painstakingly captured gives such a realistic revelation of how the movie was filmed and allow us to visualize the scenes. Great work. I am proud of what you did. Looking forward to the next book that tells the stories behind the stories!

    Thanks and Best Wishes
    Charmaine H. Powder (Grant)
    Newnan, Georgia USA
    #1 Amazon International Best Selling Author (Life In The Little Wooden House)
    Realtor with Keller Williams Realty
    Member of the Newnan Coweta Board Of Realtors
    Member of the Tobago Writers Guild

  39. Rita Ramkhelawan

    (The Disney Film Heritage of Tobago First Edition)

    Walt Disney Productions arrived in Tobago in 1959 and filmed the immortal adventure story, “Swiss Family Robinson “. In 2020 Jazad N. Ali partnered with Clement G. Williams and documented the Tobagonian story behind the shooting of this great movie, a story that could compete with the Disney venture and attract worldworld-wide attention.
    At first glance the reader enjoys some degree of satisfaction. He experiences a hit of a sense of nostalgia; he witnesses the past pushed forward to the present; he becomes consumed by a burning desire to literally walk in the historical footsteps of the Disney cast and crew members and he feels the pangs of hunger to witness firsthand the beauty and wonder of the tropical island paradise of Tobago. The smooth hard cover, glossy pages with well-spaced print, colorful contemporary scenes and historical shots all combine to make this book reader-friendly.
    As the pages are turned the reader encounters not only the narrative of “Swiss Family Robinson ” but also the detailed accounts of the numerous locals (Tobagonians)who actually made the film possible- drivers, actors, construction workers, electricians, hotel and restaurant owners and general observers. In addition to recounting their role they furnished photographic proof of it. This makes the work “The Disney Film Heritage of Tobago Swiss Family Robinson ” a unique book.
    These participants never knew that sixty years later their association with and contribution to the production of this Tobago Disney movie will become the subject-matter of a book for the world to see and read about.
    Thanks to authors Jazad N. Ali and Clement G. Williams.

    Rita Ramkhelawan
    Retired Teacher

  40. Zenora Ali-Pollard

    (The Disney Film Heritage of Tobago First Edition)
    – Gripping, fascinating reading
    -Superbly written
    -Research path felt like a treasure hunt: reconstructing fragment by fragment
    -Meticulous trawl of data
    -No stones left untouched
    -History brought to life, unearthing long buried background secrets
    -Authors indulge passion, ingeniously entwines great story telling with dramatically and historically accurate depiction of the movie
    -Vivid portrayal of love & friendship
    -Spell binding story of a unique time & place
    -Utterly fascinating life journey to uncover with infectious enthusiasm
    – Magnificently paid tribute to the Tobagonians
    -Majestic sites frozen in time
    -Classic collection of brilliant photos
    -Expert stunning photography
    -Dedication and eye for details
    -Inspiration for travel & adventure into this gem sister island of Trinidad

    Thanks & best regards
    Zenora Ali-Pollard

    New South Wales

  41. Terry Bamber

    (The Disney Film Heritage of Tobago First Edition)
    What a wonderful book this. It is packed with careful research and stunning photos of the beautiful island.
    This film means so much to me as I first saw it as a 5 year old.
    My Dad, Dickie Bamber, worked on the film as one of the Standby Props Team.
    He greatly enjoyed his time on the island, even over coming a bout of pneumonia during filming.
    This book deserves to be in any Film Enthusiasts’ collection.

    I have been lucky to have enjoyed my own career in Films and TV, including several James Bond Films, Walt Disney’s 1994 “Jungle Book” and “101 Dalmatians” and “102 Dalmatians”.

    This book has given me a new ambition.
    To film in Tobago.


    Thank you.

    Terry Bamber
    Assistant Director/ Production Manager.

  42. Kevin Kidney & Jody Daily, Art Directors/Disney Designers

    (The Disney Film Heritage of Tobago First Edition)
    As kids growing up in the United States, our first glimpse of beautiful Tobago was on a movie screen. Walt Disney’s classic 1960 film “Swiss Family Robinson” takes place on an imagined island filled with lovely beaches, forest pools fed by tumbling waterfalls, and enormous trees—just perfect for carrying fantastical treehouses in their spreading branches. What a surprise, then, to later learn that this island is a real place on our planet, and we could actually go there! If only we’d had Jazad Ali’s insightful book in our hands the first time we visited Tobago. Released just in time for the film’s 60th anniversary, this pictorial guide across land and sea to revisit the picturesque locations seen in the Disney film will surprise and delight any “Swiss Family” fan. Along the way, you’ll also meet some of the lucky Tobagonians that contributed to the production, and read of their remarkable adventures as movie pirates, stunt performers, animal handlers, taxi drivers, ocean divers, on-set nurses, construction workers, and stand-ins for the main actors. Shot against the colorful backdrop of Tobago’s real-life splendor, “Swiss Family Robinson” was one of the most costly and, ultimately, successful films ever made. Most of all, it helped form the dream of the quintessential island paradise in the minds of generations of movie-goers.

  43. Robin Rindsig (verified owner)

    (The Disney Film Heritage of Tobago First Edition)
    I was a six year old boy growing up in a small town in the midwestern United States when I first saw the movie “Swiss Family Robinson” in 1961. The movie had all the stuff boys dreamed of: paradise island adventure, pirates, exotic animals, guns, cannons, coconut bombs(!), exploring, snakes, a fort, and of course THE TREEHOUSE!
    The movie made a lasting impression on me, and I found myself exploring the internet recently to hopefully find more information about it. I struck gold when I found a mountain of information posted by Mr. Ali (his sites are listed in the book’s references section, a MUST SEE!).
    Familiar with Mr. Ali’s focus on filming locations, I was expecting more of this from the book.
    However, to my surprise and immense delight, the authors chose to also include a wealth of local detail about the PEOPLE involved, incorporating contemporary photos with recollections of a surprising number of locals. It brought the production of the film to life for me, and I found it quite moving.
    The authors are to be commended for preserving this bit of history for the ages!
    I highly recommend “The Disney Film Heritage of Tobago-Swiss Family Robinson” to fans of the movie and anyone with an interest in Tobago heritage. It’s a great read!

    Robin W. Rindsig
    Construction manager and engineer, retired
    Ankeny, Iowa USA

  44. Aaron

    (The Disney Film Heritage of Tobago First Edition)
    This book has rekindled my desire to once again watch the Swiss Family Robinson Disney movie. The pictures of the past and present scenes of where the movie was filmed added a very special touch to the book. Reading this book transports you through the beautiful island of Tobago through the breathtaking photographs and thorough descriptions.

  45. Dr. Johnny siu-Chong

    (The Disney Film Heritage of Tobago First Edition)
    From the details given, it is quite obvious that lots of hours of extensive interviews and tireless research went into it’s compilation of all the work that went into the making of this movie by Disney. I applaud the dedication of the writers in producing a book which will forever depict a piece of Tobago’s history that present and future generations will become enriched with a sense of pride.

  46. Moonilal Pagee

    (The Disney Film Heritage of Tobago First Edition)
    AN excellent record of a bit of the social history of Tobago… painstakingly researched, well documented and carefully recorded for generations to come. Although the economic impact of and financial contribution to the Tobagonian economy may have been transient, the social and cultural impact still remains…
    touching interviews with the survivors of the era lend a sense of “magic” to the entire venture !The photographs are strategically taken to show the locations and their inherent beauty. The high quality of the photographs enhance the magnificence of the settings for the various scenes.
    But it is in the interviews with the islanders that the “human impact” comes out. Ordinary taxi drivers and helpers emerge as “heroes” in their own right. The authors and researchers have brought the reality of the “human dimension “ to the forefront and this lends a certain poignancy to the narrative. It is in the lives and contributions of the native Tobagonians that the true story emerges.
    A tremendous effort by the authors.
    Highly recommended as an incredible read for those interested in Tobago and its development and the history of the film.
    Moonilal Pagee
    Retired Ag. Vice Principal
    Naparima College

  47. Dr Fayad W. Ali

    (The Disney Film Heritage of Tobago First Edition)
    I find the book particularly interesting and informative for those of us who relish history and enjoy journeying down the corridors of time. It was a great era of filmmaking and the choice of performers chosen for the movie were nothing short of a galaxy. The content of the book must have been taken many long hours of research. My hat is off to the contributors and assure any reader that it is more than a fitting tribute to the actors, some of whom may have gone to the great beyond, the locals who contributed in their own way, and in highlighting a beautiful island that is a mere global speck and to those who contributed in any form to the publishing of the title.

  48. Anesh Roopnarine

    (The Disney Film Heritage of Tobago First Edition)
    This is an excellent book!!! It has well researched information about the movie and filming locations used in Tobago. It has definitely enlightened me and will become a topic when among friends. I would recommend anyone to get and read the book so that they can learn about some of Tobago’s history tied to the movie. Kudos to the writers – Jazad and Clement.

  49. Alvin Gonzales

    (The Disney Film Heritage of Tobago First Edition)
    Personally know the amount of effort that went into this. BRAVO!

  50. Marguerite Miranda

    (The Disney Film Heritage of Tobago First Edition)

    As a Tobagonian it is nostalgic. Though not born as yet my parents spoke regularly about their experiences during the filming. This book is wonderfully written capturing vividly many of those experience s told to us during those days . Thank you for info, you guys did a wonderful job.
    Marguerite Miranda




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